13 November 2012

I Love You

The prosecution of sexual dalliances in the US has taken on dumb proportions. So long as you can manage the professional duties in which you are entrusted, what you choose to do between the sheets is your fun. While morally there are a host of questions for anyone who engages in consensual sex beyond the bounds of an existing marriage or relationship, I don't concern myself with that. In fact I don't really care. To the cheaters out there, maybe an open relationship is more appropriate. Or maybe you ought to revitalize your sex life. Have your moral struggles with your own god.

But for the the public justice machine to encourage morality in the narrow area of some illicit fun that has no effect beyond those immediately concerned...come on. Senators, tap away in airport bathrooms and find sexual liberty. And Representatives, continue taking bulging underpants photos. I think we should encourage this behavior. And David and Paula, hope the sex rocked. Yeah it's wrong, you're married and not to the other. But that's your issue, not mine. Paula, while I think you eat too much meat who am I to legislate vegetarianism?

And for those complaining of moral decline, can we too discuss how libertine behavior may augment job performance? Schwarzenegger unswervingly served California. Clinton superbly executed his duties. And those steamy Europeans? Go Berlusconi! While you may have a mysterious rash, I doubt that spread to your economy causing its erratic behavior. And I liked your optimism while managing the crisis.

Let's look--this prosecution is bad for America: we're losing trusted officials to private transgressions. But they're our officials and what does it say about us if we tolerate abhorrent behavior? It says bad things, agreed. So let's denounce abhorrent behavior and stay true to the principles in which we entrust ourselves.

By the way, what's that principle? A promise is a promise?

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