29 August 2011

Partly sunny, 80% chance of terrorist attack.

Like New York preparing for Hurricane Irene, Kabul similarly prepares for their own forecasted storm during the three-day holiday, Eid ul-Fitr. Visibly, an increase in police checkpoints searching for suicide bombers (we're waved through); more armored vehicles driving city streets, cabs packed full of armed soldiers; to streets closed entirely. This last measure particularly inconvenient when driving to tango class at the Canadian Embassy: our primary route blocked, our secondary route blocked and our tertiary route only passable after questioning.

Though this preparation is normal and expected, and the government is firmly in control of the capital. The main, and frightful, difference between here and New York is a medium-level insurgency. In time, I hope, we'll see less suicide threats and more air quality reports. Not only is decline in the former reason to celebrate, but so too is the latter. After all, the dust and smog that leaves drying laundry dirty, is huge respiratory problem, daily affecting 3.5 million Kabulis. 

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