13 March 2011

Actionable Analysis, redux

Until the day of Muslim sabbath here
This blog adjust in format serve the eye
And physiognomy is not enough,
Adjust content to serve the intellect
A blog. Moribund, it is hardly
Relaunching surely needed, tis anon then done.


Anda Greeney said...

A test of the comment app.

Anonymous said...

What was it you advised me when I began dabbling in the blogging world so long ago? "Self-consciously florid and the writing style of E.B. White. Looks like you’re off with flying colors ... Stay on top of this tight-rope affair."

Well, sir, the same to you. You may not be putting William Shakespeare to shame, but you're at least injecting a bit of the literary into the armed forces. Good lucking staying on top of this tight-rope affair.