16 March 2009

Hurray for Realism

As states struggle to cope with the economic downturn, an unusual measure has been proposed in eight states to cut costs: abolish the death penalty. Although it has been known for years that the monetary costs of administering the death penalty exceeds that of life imprisonment, it is only now that states are taking action. And with little correlation between capital punishment and crime reduction this change of heart will offer long term savings. To my delight, this suspension of moral beliefs (an eye for an eye) has been trumped by pragmatism and a view for empirical results. If only such realism could be applied to the ineffective War on Drugs.


Anda said...

New Mexico abolishes death penalty:

Hairy Potter said...

Go Anda!!!! When are you going to run for office. We like actionable analysis, we also like action. Go Anda!!!!

Hairy Potter