17 October 2008

Washington Post Endorses Obama

The Washington Post has given Obama a ringing endorsement. I too will be endorsing Obama in the coming weeks though after reading the Post article I feel I have little new argumentation to add and will likely fall short of their writing skills.

For their arguement I do disagree on one point, that being the Post's questioning of Obamas deadlined withdrawal and perhaps dogmatic adhearance to such a campaign promise. Barack will of course approach this decision with fortitude, a nuanced approach and a great understanding of international relations. I expect the withdrawal to happen relatively quickly though certainly not in a precipitous way. (In the Post's defense, I sense this one "problem" was more them fishing for a token disagreement rather than sincere worry.)

The endorsement ends with the following which sums up succinctly Obama's character, substance, and wisdom. I could not agree more.

But Mr. Obama's temperament is unlike anything we've seen on the national stage in many years. He is deliberate but not indecisive; eloquent but a master of substance and detail; preternaturally confident but eager to hear opposing points of view. He has inspired millions of voters of diverse ages and races, no small thing in our often divided and cynical country. We think he is the right man for a perilous moment.

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