05 October 2008

The Vice Presidential Debate

The vice presidential debate did not significantly alter the trajectory of the election. In it we saw Sarah Palin skillfully field the variety of questions through use of prepped responses and oblique dodging of queries. As such, the debate was hardly a dynamic discussion between the two candidates but rather an uninspired sparring match in which we saw a male prize fighter face a main street hockey mom. The elephant in the room was the opponents' genders in which Biden could only go as far as to defend himself; to go on the attack would hear fans screaming foul. The best Biden could hope for was Palin tripping on her own shoe laces giving him a win. As Biden drew on years of experience and could attack from all angles, Palin responded with her "debate camp" moves of "maverick, Ahmadinejad, main street". Biden danced around his opponent but only directed his intellect at referee Gwen Ivan and trainer John McCain. The charge that Sarah Palin's knowledge of foreign policy extends only as far as the eye can see from her home state, still holds true. The fact that she did not give this fact away during the debate is where her success stems from.

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Trebor Yeneerg said...

Good analysis of the debate. This is one time when we agree.

Trebor Yeneerg