02 October 2008

She's good looking, she's smart, she's a woman

...and she can hardly hide her distaste. Katie Couric, baring her legs in an exclusive interview with Palin, kept the questions coming; Palin's elusive and general answers were not tolerated as specificity was constantly sought. Joe Biden going into tonight's debate does not have the luxury to hold his foil, Sarah "six pack" Palin, to such close scrutiny. Such confrontational tactics would be branded by pundits as the elitist attitude of a Washington Insider; and to that a sprinkle of male chauvinism to round out the counter-attack with a bit of flanking. Therein lies the objectivity of the Delta Delta Delta Couric interview of Miss Wasalia Palin. The playing field was leveled as the two beauties went head to head.

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