10 August 2008

Why you should watch developments in South Ossetia

As the news on Georgia scrolls by it is easy to focus on the details and lose sight of what really matters. We must ask, Why do we care what happens in Georgia? By answering such a query we can gain focus as we look to make sense of the events and developments as they occur.

Why we care.
The situation in Georgia would not be remarkable except for the military incursion by the Kremlin which has made all the difference. As Russia has grown economically, particularly since the beginning of this millennium, it has increasingly looked to reclaim its former glory and power. Closest to home, both literally and figuratively, are the former soviet bloc countries, Georgia being one of those. As the people of South Ossetia who have Russian loyalty resist the Georgians, it is only natural for Russia to step in and support the Ossetian separatist movement in the interest of increasing its sphere of influence. The West is watching with such interest (as should you) because the use of military force for Russia's geopolitical ambitions is unprecedented. Russia's actions here and America's and the EU's response will set the tone for the future as Russia continues flexing and even resorts to unilateral military intervention. As the situation appears now it is beginning to look perhaps like Appeasement of 1937-1939.

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