25 July 2008

Valet Parking...For Your Bicycle

At my upcoming San Francisco Marathon, bicycle valet parking will be available the morning of the race. You are probably thinking what I thought: interesting extra service. Though after looking into the matter in more depth I learned that this is a required service. As of January 1, 1999 San Francisco law requires that events which incur a street closure and are anticipated to have over 2000 participants must offer Secured Valet Bike Parking.

" [bike parking must] Be provided for a minimum of 1% of all expected participants; be located within a one block radius of a regular entrance to the event. All event publicity should include information on the availability and location of the Secured Valet Bike Parking in the same format, with equal amount of space, as other transportation information. All event personnel should be aware of the Secure Valet Bike Parking location AND event maps must indicate the location as well."

Incredible. San Francisco seems to do it again.

From the perspective of energy independence this is a cost-effective initiative.
From the perspective of equal rights to all "motorists" to have secure parking, this seems fair.
From the perspective of the environment this is a step in that direction.
From my perspective, cool.

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Anonymous said...

What is valet parking? How much does it cost? Why was the bylaw enacted? Why do you think it is in the right direction--environmentally speaking?

Good luck on your run! Great to see you this summer.