29 June 2008

San Francisco Gay Pride Parade

Today was the annual San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. It was a showcase of many of SF's best qualities: open and supportive community, activism, progressiveness, nudity, and general good times.

Plenty of naked men. (A few topless woman.)

The LGBTQ community out in force. From left to right: Sonora, Modesto, Sacramento, Fresno, Fremont, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Danville/San Ramon, Santa Rosa, Walnut Creek, and Petaluma. It is great to see such activism with people bussing in from all over.

Hot dudes having a good time with the crowd loving it.

Promotion booth for The Citadel, a BDSM community dungeon play space. The woman in this image is the master and she is flagellating the man until the stickers ("bi" and "sexual") fall off his nipples. The "bi" sticker is halfway off and the "sexual" one has already been knocked off.

A "big hot-mamas" competition. Eight woman competing to be the best dancer, as the crowd shouts and votes by screaming for their favorite. Here we see two woman baring their chest to the pleasure of the crowd. A good way to feel a bit perverse, but a healthy competition in that it was promoting a very natural body type.

The atmosphere of the parade and following street-fair was one of open celebration with a strong feeling that this is a good town to be gay in. Notably, the Obama stickers, supporters, and canvassers were everywhere, with nary a sight of anything McCain. A collective social consciousness is building, and although the conservatives may resist, it is only a matter of time before sexual-orientation equality creeps completely across the land.


Trebor Yeneerg said...

Another example of the diversity that make San Francisco interesting, but it would be more interesting to see it in the context (or co-existing) with its opposite. I would like more analysis. Positive attribute are indicated. What are the "negative" aspects. Not to diminish form the fun of the parade but just to reflect on its wider implications.

Trebor Yeneerg

Spring said...

I've a very good gay friend who attended the rally in NYC and was decidedly dismayed by the entire affair. (I'm roughly paraphrasing here): "I wanted to see intelligent, well-dressed, "normal" gay men and women -- that's a community that I'd be so proud to call myself a part of. But the parade was the exact opposite of that."

I personally think her point is well-taken, and I'd encourage you to reflect on it a bit yourself (sorry if that sounds patronizing). Why does "pride" have to be demonstrated on such terms? I'd consider myself every bit as much an ally of the LGBTQ community as your next Amherst resident (ha), but a woman flagellating a guy wearing a thong is, quite frankly, not something I'm really interested in cheering on. You say that the sexual rights movement is on the upswing, which I (generally) agree with, but I don't know if the pride parade really corroborates that statement. I don't think most of the US is really ready for that...