18 May 2008

Slight rebranding

My loyal readers may notice a slight change in the name of my blog. Formally it was Policy Wonk or Intelligence Strategist which sounded cool though was ambiguous. Some of you were left asking, What is an Intelligence Stategist? To me it meant someone who provided strategy recommendations to both individuals and policy makers, based on intelligence (in my case open source intelligence, that being intelligence relying on published or widely disseminated information). In short, I was providing Actionable Analysis. The problem stemmed from my created phrase "Intelligence Strategist" which was not part of any lexicon nor was it self explanatory.

This new name and subtitle aims to make two points (Policy Wonk or Intelligence Analyst: Actionable Analysis. What is happening is important; deciding if and how to change your behavior paramount.)
1. My writings may appear the work of a policy wonk with a sundry of pseudo-arcane knowledge (i.e. my comparison between Hillary Clinton and the intelligence community circa 1987 here), but I am really an intelligence analyst who draws on a broad base of information and then makes a recommendation based on that.
2. This is not just any intelligence analyst but one that places a strong emphasis on actionable analysis. i.e that Hillary Clinton is old guard and we need a new model to fight the global terror, go out there and pick a candidate that can do this based on what I have taught you to look for

These points find realization in the following blog-entry format: Articles begin with a tag line and a picture, then I deconstruct an at times complex issue breaking it into parts, come to a conclusion, and then make a specific recommendation on how to proceed.

I find this format compelling because the topic (as best as my writing can!): (1) grabs your attention, (2) is rigorous in the analysis and (3) provided a specific and meaningful response (the pragmatic entrepreneur in me)

If I deviate far from this mission or if you believe the blog's name could be improved upon, please leave a comment, preferable actionable.


Trebor Yeneerg said...

Funny cartoon - bring on the actionable analysis

Trebor Yeneerg


You are getting to be like your mom: practical and no nonsense. I especially like how you made your request for suggestions--suggestions which are.......? You guess it--actionable!!
I will think about your question and will send you an "actionable" suggestion.

Oh, where is your intro to the USDA that you promissed in your last blog?