14 May 2008

Fifteen US Departments and fifteen instances of conflict of interest

My low-salt lunch managed to have over half of my daily recommended sodium intake. Is the Department of Agriculture to blame?

The Executive branch of the United Stated has fifteen departments, each headed by cabinet-level secretary. (This link here shows a handy chart of this and the the other branches and offices. Feel free to explore and see how little you know.) From the Department of State to the Department of Veteran Affairs, each agency has many responsibilities--some known, some lesser known and some mostly unknown--which provide plenty of opportunity for conflict of interest, necessary oversight, and by extension, fascinating reading material.

In this fifteen part series I will be introducing each department and providing you with an interesting thought piece to increase both your and my understanding of our Union.

Up next. the USDA, NaCl, and a bit of finger pointing in opposing directions.


Anonymous said...

It would be funny if the characters in the cartoon switch what they wear: a sexy woman with peace sign on her chest and the three guys holding war signs! My message is this: peace can be exciting too. It is we who make war more deserving of our attention and financail support. Thus, we make war more worthy and appealing. How does this come about? How come we don't have a department of peace? This is indicative of where our value lies.

Hwei-Ling Greeney

Hwei-Ling Greeney said...

I look forward to reading your comment on these fifteen departments. By the way, the chart where you link direct the readers to is way too small. Can you cut out the bottom text in the chart---since it does not appear to be too relevant--and blow up the chart for the readers, including the middle aged group with not-so- perfect eyesight?

Anda said...

Unfortunately I do not administer that page so can not make the chart bigger. You could right click and save it to your computer, open it and zoom in...