25 April 2008

Ghost Ride the economy?

TINA. There Is No Alternative. Margaret Thatcher coined the phrase and I rather like it. In my own words, The world is changing rapidly and there is no stopping it. We may want to dig our heels in the sand and cry out no, though we will have far more control if we climb our twelve-year-old self in the drivers seat and operate the steering wheel and see to what extent our short legs can work the pedals. Or we could adopt an extreme and hands-off libertarian approach in which rather than even bother with steering or pedals we could Ghost Ride the Whip though sometimes the results can be fatal. (FYI: Ghost Riding is dancing around and on your vehicle while it is idling along in neutral.) Such an economic approach though exciting in theory, as you can see in the linked video, can stop you dead in your tracks or at least under your tracks.

And thus, the logical conclusion is roll with it, neither attempting to strong arm capitalism or give it free reign.

Note: Turn on your sounds system and click the link; this is a multimedia persuasion or at the very least, media entertainment.

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Anonymous said...

Almost two million people have watched each of those rather boring videos (see also the granny video), but no one is reading your thought provoking blog. Too bad.

Trebor Yeneerg