30 April 2008

Clinton's cup: Half empty or totally so?

Hillary Clinton, finger waving, fist pumping and mouth running touted green-collar jobs at a stump speech performance I attended. Hearing this neologism or neo-coined-phrase, I thought to myself, interesting. It did seem a bit contrived though, as it didn't quite jibe with the rest of her messages. Had it come from the mouth of Al Gore, I would have bought it more in stride, rather than question it as simple vote pandering.

Ahh yes, campaign promises. If we rely on history as our guide, rarely do such promises realize much effulgence. The savvy citizen will judge character and intentions of candidates through them, but will stop well short of acting preemptively on what is supposedly to come. So keep your job in the oil industry and don't plan on free health care in 2009.

And these green collar jobs? Is Hillary showing where she stands or making somewhat empty statements? My gut extinct at the time pointed towards the latter, and evidence since then has supported this initial analysis.

Exhibit 1: Mark Penn
MP is Hillary's former chief campaign strategist and current heavily relied on consultant. Penn is a pollster by profession. He conducts surveys testing out various theories, and then implements those which are best received. Such a strategy was seen this past month when Hillary sent signals that if she received the presidential nomination, she might pick Obama as running mate. This subtle campaign shift was made following survey results which indicated that such a position would scare up additional votes for her camp. And I have no doubt that the incongruous Green-Collar-Jobs phrase was coined following polling that indicated its potential.

What's that you say? Incongruous? Evidence 2 indicates where Hillary really stands, and that her vote pandering is more words than actual beliefs. (Let me note that I think it reasonable to say you will give the people what they want, e.g. Obama as VP, so long as you are willing to honor the statement.)
Exhibit 2: Dumb as We Wanna Be. Here is the Thomas Friedman NYTimes article with that title
Hillary Clinton has aligned herself with John McCain in supporting a measure which would suspend the the 18.4 cents a gallon gas excise tax, for the duration of this summer. So while it will be cheaper to drive to the beach, there will be less push for the development of alternative energy technologies. This on the heels of infighting in the senate during which tax incentives failed to be extended to solar and wind technologies while oil and gas maintained theirs. As Hillary talks of creating green collar jobs her actions seems to indicate the contrary. The stated answer is five but the evidence seems to fall short, only adding up to three. Nothing like good old fashioned fuzzy math.

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