22 February 2008

I am proud

My blog brain child is the result of 12 months of study. Not quite 0-60 in those months though I will claim 10-60. Last February I would have salivated over the thought of having this kind of historical background, general understanding, and powerful analytical tools. Cheers to informed citizenship!

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Mieke de Regt said...

Hi Anda! I just had a look on your blog. Looks really interesting. Interesting books you've red. I'm also into Stiglitz, and those other neo-liberal authors on globalisation and economy. I'm doing my MA thesis on globalisation, global citizenship, and the reformation of our identity, because we are loosing the souvereinity of our nation-states; raising global instutions. I don't really agree with Huntington, I like his opponent Sen (Identity and Violence) better!